Graphics: 3
Sound: 3
Control: 4
Depth: 3
Overall: 4


By: Atari, Inc.
Original Arcade Game By: Stern
Released: 1982

Known for its innovative use of digitized speech and the memorable phrase “Intruder Alert”, Berzerk is one of the better early arcade games – particularly considering its limitations and basic use of color. While no means taxing the hardware, the Atari 2600 plays a great home version.

In the game, you traverse a never-ending series of rooms filled with electric walls and killer robots. You goal is to escape to another room, clearing the area of enemies if you can. If you linger too long, Evil Otto – a diabolical, bouncing happy face appears and heads right at you, ready to turn you into dead meat.

The closest game variation to the arcade is #6, with an indestructible Otto and the longest duration between extra men, but I prefer variations 2 & 5 – which give you a brief chance against the smiling menace before replacement Otto arrives.

While sadly missing the robot speech and diagonal robot fire, this home version is stylish and captures the game well. With rock solid gameplay and various difficulties to suit nearly every skill level, Berzerk is easy to recommend and one of the best arcade conversions on the system.

- Ben Langberg


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