Midnight Magic

Graphics: 4
Sound: 3
Control: 3
Depth: 2
Overall: 2.5

Midnight Magic

By: Atari Corp.
Released: 1986

While Atari’s Video Pinball is abstract and kind of its own thing, Midnight Magic actually starts to resemble a real pinball machine. The ball movement seems plausible and the table is quite detailed, especially considering the system’s limitations.

However, once you’ve played a few rounds, the only real goal – other than score – is to the hit all of the top targets and change the color of the board.  A key ingredient for pinball – even early pinball – is spectacle, and this game is sadly lacking in this department.

While decent in 1986, “video” pinball games have come a long, long way since then, making Midnight Magic more of an historical curiosity, rather than something that is still fun to play today.

- Ben Langberg



Game Variations

Difficulty Switches

Setting A-The center posts and kickers must be activated by hitting the target with the arrow.
Setting B-The center post and kickers are always on.