Mr. DO!

Graphics: 3
Sound: 2
Control: 2
Depth: 2
Overall: 1

Mr. DO!

By: Coleco
Loosely Based on Arcade Game By: Universal
Released: 1983

At first glance , The Atari version of Mr. DO! seems like it retains most of the ingredients from the arcade game. The graphics and sounds are passable and the basic game seems to be there. A variant on Dig Dug, your goal is to gather all the fruit while avoiding the monsters. As you move around, you clear a path, essentially creating your own maze. You can fire a bouncing ball to take out bad guys, but it takes awhile to recharge. You can also drop apples if you dig them out, but you’ll need to quickly get out of the way to avoid getting squished yourself.

Sadly, the big flaw in this version is that the "maze" you dig doesn't allow for the thin sides to remain. This can quickly leave the board wide open and make Mr. DO! too hard to be much fun. You might try to get the E-X-T-R-A letters once, but other than that you'll probably pull the cartridge out in frustration. As much as I wanted to like this game, I’d rather play Pac-man.

- Ben Langberg