Mr. DO!'s Castle

Graphics: 2
Sound: 4
Control: 2
Depth: 2
Overall: 1

Mr. DO!'s Castle

By: Parker Bros
Loosely Based on Arcade Game By: Universal
Released: 1984

Some games are rare for a reason. Mr. DO!'s Castle on the Atari 2600 looks like a game that shouldn't have been attempted, and for the most part you would be right! The graphics appear crude and the controls are a lot touchier than the arcade–using the hammer to knock out floor is particularly tricky. Because of the difficulty, it can be satisfying when you do clear a board or two.

While there is game to be had if you're patient and the music is actually well done, once the novelty of seeing what Mr. DO!'s Castle looks like on the 2600 has worn off, you'll likely put it on your shelf to collect dust. This one is for Mr. DO superfans and collectors only.

- Ben Langberg