Graphics: 3
Sound: 3
Control: 4
Depth: 3
Overall: 3.5


By: Dan Gorlin/Dane Bigham
Published By: Broderbund
Released: 1982

Originally for the Apple II, Choplifter is one of the if not the first helicopter rescue games. You fly into enemy territory to rescue prisoners from bunkers while shooting or avoiding tanks, jets, and satellites. The graphics aren't very colorful, but compensate with excellent animation.

While simple in concept, Choplifter sets itself apart with attention to detail. You can accidentally shoot or squish your men, your chopper accelerates realistically, and when it's full of rescued prisoners, you have to return to base to unload them.

While dated, it's truly a classic of early computer games, and the Commodore 64 plays a fine version. However, the game plays even better with an analogue joystick, so try tracking down the Apple II or Atari 5200 version if you can.

- Ben Langberg