Lazy Jones

Graphics: 3.5
Sound: 5
Control: 3
Depth: 3
Overall: 3.5

Lazy Jones

By: David Whittaker
Published By: Terminal Software
Released: 1984

In essentially one of the first minigame compilations, you play a bunch of arcade game parodies by walking into different rooms. Some are on a timer and some last until you lose a life. The rooms are in a three story hotel, and there are enemies you need to avoid as you go from room to room.

The graphics are simple but stylish, and the game has a surreal, mellow charm. The best feature though, is the incredible electric violin music that changes on the fly depending on what room you are in. The music was later sampled by the German band Zombie Nation.

While not quite an essential C64 title, the aptly named Lazy Jones is a fun time waster.

- Ben Langberg

Postscript: David Whittaker went on to compose music for many, many computer games including Shadow of the Beast.