Mr. Mephisto

Graphics: 3
Sound: 3
Control: 3
Depth: 3
Overall: 3

Mr. Mephisto

By: Dave Lucas
Published By: Euro-Byte
Released: 1984

Mr. Mephisto, at first glance, seems to be an average Commodore game, most likely written by a self taught programmer "in Assembly" on his C64 and submitted for publication after the fact. With a rather basic use of the system's graphic capabilities and simple, yet unforgiving gameplay, you'd probably just move on to some other game.

But somehow...I remember it fondly over a heap of other Commodore games I played in my youth. Elaborate moving escalator animations and an ominous background hum establish the mood, but it's probably the macabre subject matter of climbing your way out of Hell that makes the game memorable despite its shortcomings.

A hard game but very atmospheric, Mr. Mephisto is a fun diversion from the standard platform game.

-Ben Langberg