Who Dares Wins II

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Who Dares Wins II

By: Tommy Atkins
Published By: Alligata Software
Released: 1985

As an older game player, I first experienced Pong on my home television set, and progressed with my son's Atari and Commodore 64 games. One of my favorites was a Commando like game called Who Dares Wins 2.

I particularly liked the upward scroll that combined unknown surprises with the ability to cautiously approach each challenge. This allowed the player to conserve ammunition and have a reasonable chance to successfully complete all ten missions.

Many of the newer games are beyond my capabilities to make it through very many of the challenges before running out of lives. Maybe I had more time to master this older game, but I believe that it was one of the earliest games that minimized the randomness of winning and losing. I always felt that I deserved my fate after each game.

-Norman Langberg