Duck Hunt

Graphics: 3
Sound: 3
Control: 4
Depth: 2
Overall: 4

Duck Hunt

By: Nintendo
Released: 1985

Duck Hunt was a launch title in the U.S., and, to my mind, it remains the best of the NES Zapper games. The game is incredibly simple. A cartoon dog will bound into the tall grass to flush out two ducks. You try to shoot the ducks. You have three shots. Rinse and repeat. If you've bagged enough after ten ducks have been flushed out, you'll continue on to the next slightly more challenging round. There is also skeet shooting mode included if you get tired of shooting ducks.

Like I said, incredibly simple, but it's a fun time that I still remember fondly. It helps that the dog will enthusiastically hold up your dead ducks, or if you miss completely...snicker at you. Sadly you cannot shoot at the dog; this is a family show after all.

Note: As with all lightgun games, you’ll need a CRT television for the Zapper to work.

- Ben Langberg