R.C. Pro-Am

Graphics: 3
Sound: 4
Control: 3
Depth: 3
Overall: 3

R.C. Pro-Am

By: Rare LTD
Published By: Nintendo
Released: 1987

I fondly remember playing R.C. Pro-Am as a wee lad, during sleepovers at my friend's house. I never made it very far, but fun was had all the same. Replaying it now, the game loses some of its appeal, but it’s still a good time in small doses.

Pro-Am is an overhead racing game, but with a zoomed in view of the action so you cannot see the whole track at once. Four racers compete each time, and you only need to place 3rd or better against the computer opponents to advance. Besides the track and other cars, water puddles, oil slicks and other hazards eventually come into play. There are also weapons and vehicle upgrades to be collected. Your initial ride is a pickup truck, but if you collect the letters N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O over a series of races, you can trade up to a Jeep Cherokee. I assume there are further cars to upgrade to, but I will never make it that far.

This is primarily a game of going fast, learning the tracks, and – when possible – taking out your opponents with a well-timed missile or bomb. Like I said, I still had a good time, but Pro-Am does not hold my attention as much as it once did.

- Ben Langberg