Disney's Bonkers Wax Up

Graphics: 2
Sound: 3
Control: 3
Depth: 1
Overall: 2

Disney's Bonkers Wax Up

By: Tec Toy (Brazil)
Released: 1995

Well, since I had the emulator up anyway, I decided to have a quick look at a title that wasn't released here.

This one is a basic Disney pacifist platformer. Not as rich as the other Master System games, as far as I can tell there's only one large level to explore. I never managed to make it off the level. Either the title sequence doesn't show any game play or I wasn't patient enough to wait around for it, but I'm thinking more the former than the latter.

There are a fair number of enemies and things to collect, as well as some fairly simple puzzles in the form of difficult to reach areas.

The graphics are adequate. The background music is long enough that it really isn't that grating while you play.

But overall, unless you absolutely have to have all the Tec Toy releases, this is one game that maybe should stay on the emulator.

- Eric Ruck