Graphics: 5
Sound: 4
Control: 5
Depth: 3
Overall: 5


By: Alex Herbert
Released: 2003

If you have a Vectrex, this is a must-own game. The opening and credit screens are worth the $11.50 price tag. The music and animation are incredible.

For most people Protector will be the star of the show. The game features flicker free graphics and very fast game play. It follows the Defender tradition by using a button on the controller to reverse directions rather than left and right on the joystick.

While I'm a bit ham handed and find this difficult, I respect the design choice and will just need to practice a bit. One thing that helps is the ability to configure buttons. I prefer the second button option rather than the default.

The sounds come eerily close to the original as well. I was also impressed with the good use of shading to make the display very workable.

YASI (Yet Another Space Invaders) is something of a sideshow, but it is a seriously impressive sideshow. First, the graphics of Space Invaders is emulated nearly perfectly, including solid invaders, shields, and shading. I have absolutely no idea how the designer managed this on a Vectrex. Sounds are spot on as well.

This is actually one of the more playable, challenging Space Invader clones I've played. The sizes and speeds are such that you really have to work at it to succeed. You'll find yourself firing this game up more than once or twice as a curiosity.

One final cool feature, this cartridge has a high score memory in it. It comes in a videocassette style box with a color cover and photocopied B&W instructions.

- Eric Ruck