Run by Jeremy Parish, Gamespite was an outlet for like-minded geeks to present thoughtful articles on both modern and classic gaming.  Initially published on the web, it became a quarterly print ‘zine in 2009.  It was a pleasure writing for GSJ (nee Quarterly).  Having your words in print was all Steve Martin said it would be.  Gamespite later morphed into the Retronauts Podcast.

You can read most of my articles by clicking the links next to each ‘zine.

GSJ 12: Sega Vol. 1

GSJ 10: Super NES Turns 20

GSJ 9: Games and Mortality

GSQ 6: The Most Underappreciated* Games of All Time

GSQ 5: The NES Turns 25

GSQ 2: The Greatest[*] Games of All Time

GSQ 1: Game Boy x 20 Years

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