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When fans of the Neo-Geo AES Home System realized that many of the hard-to-find home releases were quite common in their arcade MVS incarnations, not to mention that a good many games were never published outside of the arcade, some of the more intrepid DYI Neo-Geo hobbyists got to work. The result? Consolized Neo-Geo arcade boards, with TV out and controller ports.

One missing detail was a nice way to display your games, as MVS arcade cartridges are text only and rather plain. So another Neo-Geo enthusiast, going by the Handle BIG BEAR, set out to produce Shockbox cases with room for a nice color insert.  When I entered the Neo-Geo “scene” I had nearly as much fun making my own inserts as I did playing the actual games.  Here are the Shockbox Inserts I have made over the years.

Insert Changelog

Added 12/22/20: King of Fighters 2002 (new variant), Metal Slug 2 Turbo, Neo Driftout (new variant), Pulstar, Samurai Shodown II (new variant), Xenocrisis

Added 11/28/16: Last Blade 2 (new variant)

Updated 11/28/16: Neo Driftout


Added 05/14/15: Crossed Swords II


Added 07/25/14: Neo Driftout (new variant)

Added 05/23/14: Magician Lord (one correction and one new variant)

Updated 05/13/14: Knight’s Chance

Added 05/05/14: Knight’s Chance (three variants!)


Added 12/26/13: Double Dragon, Samurai Shodown III & Street Hoop

Added 05/08/13: Titan ST-V inserts for Columns 97, Diehard Arcade & Terra Diver

Updated 03/18/13: Color Corrected King of Fighters 2002, Improved Last Blade, Metal Slug & Puzzled

Added 01/25/13: NAM-1975, Sengoku 3


Added 08/18/12: Bang Bang Busters (revised), Gunlord (two variants), V-Liner (two variants)

Added 05/01/12: Bang Bang Busters, Blazing Star variant, League Bowling variant, Metal Slug variant, Prehistoric Isle 2, Samurai Shodown II variant & Shock Troopers variant


Added 04/09/11: Bust A Move Again, Crossed Swords, Fighter’s History Dynamite (revised), Galaxy Fight, Gururin, Karnov’s Revenge (revised), Neo Bomberman


Added 05/26/10: Fighter’s History Dynamite, Karnov’s Revenge

Added 02/19/10: Riding Hero


Added 08/28/09: Burning Fight, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom variant


Added 01/06/08: King of the Monsters


Added 03/21/07: King of Fighters 2000, Neo Driftout, Samurai Shodown IV, Samurai Shodown V


Added 11-16-06: Neo Mr. DO!

Added 09-09-06: Samurai Shodown V Special

Added 08-21-06: Blazing Star

Added 08-15-06: King of Fighters 2002 variant, Metal Slug 5 variant, Overtop variant, Puzzled variant, Ragnagard, Thrash Rally variant, Shocktroopers, Waku Waku 7

Added 03-24-06: Last Resort

Added 02-21-06: Magical Drop III

Added 01-23-06: Nightmare in the Dark


Added 12-07-05: The Last Blade, The Last Blade 2

Added 10-09-05: Baseball Stars 2, Neo Turf Masters

Added 07-03-05: King of Fighters ’94. League Bowling, Metal Slug, Sengoku

Added 06-04-05: King of Fighters 2003, Matrimelee

Added 04-14-05: Metal Slug 5

Added 03-27-05: Metal Slug 2


BIG BEAR’s Shockbox page – The founder of the feast.
NeoCverA’s insert page – designer of the “full frontal” insert look.
Southtown Homebrew – The biggest repository of inserts on the web, also offering excellent printing services.

6 thoughts on “Shockbox Inserts”

  1. Would you mind doing a street hoops variant? I’ve been making my own, but I love your work. The ones on southtown aren’t bad, but they are a little bland.

  2. I know it’s been awhile, but is there any chance to get an insert for big tournament golf? I know there’s Turf Masters oh, but the OCD and me just wants to see if I can get one for btg I really love the style that LG puts up. Thank you 🙂

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